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You need also to disable AVD automatic updates in this case either add-on will be automatically updated to the current version. You need to go to the Tools - Add-ons menu in Firefox, select Extensions tab, click on More link at Video Downloader field and check Off option in the Automatic Updates row.


After you installed Ant Video downloader version 2.x, go to extension preferences and install video converter (click on Install button at Converter section or download appropriate FFmpeg archive from here )

You can also save one of previous AVD versions from AMO or archive by right-clicking at desired AVD version link and selecting Save Link As... option and selecting saved XPI installer from your browser's File - Open File... menu.

Please note that you need to disable AVD automatic updates in case of planning to use the old version. You need to go to the Tools - Add-ons menu in Firefox, select Extensions tab, click on More link at Video Downloader field and check Off option in the Automatic Updates row.

The videos are automatically downloaded to a special folder. That's where the Explore button comes in handy, as it opens up the folder that contains your Video Downloader downloads. The toolbar has more configuration options than the average add-on, and you can change the download location, as well as a few other options. The Video Downloader player, which opens in a new window, is sleek with a large screen and is an infinitely better option than some of the horrible players available with other apps.

A small issue that popped up while using the Video Downloader was the lack of a definitive list of the video sites it supports. It does mention that it is specifically for .FLV videos, but we couldn't tell if that means all .FLV videos. Bear in mind that on some video sharing websites, such as Google Videos, the Video Downloader can't detect the name of the file and downloads it as Google Videos 1, 2 etc.

The player has been redesignedYou can now create playlist to classify your videosYou can play videos of a playlist in loopYou can also play your videos in a random orderYou can now order videos by Name, Downloaded date, Size Video Downloader for Mozilla Firefox is a free video downloader. The downloader is very easy in operation and has all the necessary functionality. With this tool you can download videos from the majority of websites and play them with the help of integrated player. The files download in .flv format, therefore supported by the majority of video players if you want to watch your videos in the offline mode.

Thanks , Fred, have to say I did not think Mozilla made the add-ons; sorry if it sounded as though I was saying that.Second, I did the things you suggested; still no success.Third, I seem to remember someone saying that the updates to Windows-10 somehow obliterated certain programs and add-ons, but have not been able to find out more, or what to do about it.Fourth, and again I know Mozilla did not do this, but Google made some "improvements" to Gmail, some of which are a pain in the posterior, to put it charitably, especially there sub-directory sidebar on the left, which now pops in and out and is hard to deal with.Lastly, I have been urged by people I know to switch to Chrome, a move I have resisted, telling them I like Firefox and am sticking with it.One other thing, I have Spotify and it is now putting up a whole row of tabs on Firefox for no apparent reason, other than trying to peddle their premium version. I don;t suppose there's a way to block that.Okay, enough. Thanks for your reply; wish others would respond as promptly as you do.-David Petersenwordster1@gmail.comAustin TX

I have been using the ANT video downloader extension in firefox since years. I just installed ubuntu mate 18.04 with latest firefox and after installing the extension I am asked to install a native app that is a .msi file and can't be open in ubuntu with any program. Any solutions?

Ant is distributed as zip, tar.gz andtar.bz2 archives - the contents are the same. Pleasenote that the tar.* archives contain file names longerthan 100 characters and have been created using GNU tar extensions.Thus they must be untarred with a GNU compatible version oftar.

The Apache Ant team currently maintains two lines of development. The 1.9.x releases require Java5 at runtime and 1.10.x requires Java8 at runtime. Both lines are based off of Ant 1.9.7 and the 1.9.x releases are mostly bug fix releases while additional new features are developed for 1.10.x. We recommend using 1.10.x unless you are required to use versions of Java prior to Java8 during the build process.

Dear User, read in our FAQ with frequently asked questions by other users. For example, why AntDM stopped working and what to do, Anti-Virus detects malware, Video Button vs Video Box, CPU usage 100%, DRM video protection, AntDM extension slows my browser, audio and video a out of synchronized, etc.

Ant Download Manager (AntDM) is a quick download manager for any Internet file, that fully integrates with all popular browsers. AntDM allows to download free streaming video and audio from numerous web sites, supports P2P peer-to-peer protocol.

Ant Download Manager (AntDM) - is a tool that allows you to repeatedly increase the speed of file downloads due to multiple download streams,resume, schedule downloads, capture and download audio and video streams.

The standard GUI for softwares of this class makes AntDM friendly and easy to use.It has two screens - the first is more common for regular downloads and the second is using video preview for easy tracking of video downloads.

Supports proxy-servers, HTTP and FTP file protocols and their protected versions of HTTPS and FTPS,as well as the main streaming protocols for audio and video content HLS, MPEG-DASH, VIMEO-STREAM, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, processing of audio and video content.

i removed all ant related environment variables and then setting path to new ..\apache-ant-1.9.3\bin in cmd window. I got only old version while executing ant -version.Apache Ant version 1.6.2 compiled on August 5 2004

There are many websites which are excellent sources of videos for free viewing online but if you're a keen video watcher it can be difficult to keep track of all your favourites especially if you use many different sites. Also if you're without an internet connection for any reason then streaming your best videos isn't possible. The Video Downloader + Video Player provides a solution to both of these problems letting you download videos to your own computer for easy storage and offline playback.

The Video Downloader + Video Player is supplied as an extension for the Firefox internetn browser which makes it extremely easy to install. When you find a video you want to keep you can download it with a single click before playing it back at a later time with the supplied video player. Many major video streaming sites are supported including YouTube Facebook Vube and lots more.

Downloading videos to your own computer makes it easy to keep track of your favourites as well as viewing them offline. The Video Downloader + Video Player is a free simple way of doing exactly that.

Ant Download Manager (AntDM) is a tool that allows you to repeatedly increase the speed of file downloads due to multiple download streams, resume, schedule downloads, capture and download audio and video streams.

Been a few years that I had the Ant downloader and thought to try it again. Loaded up easy enough and shows registered as SOS giveaway, even though I had nothing to do with that, grins. My main reason was to try downloading some streaming videos that will not be available anymore at the end of this month May. Tried so many other programs, and nothing worked completely with both video and sound, until this program.

One thing I should mention, my 2019 laptop is tricked out with an i7, 32GB ram and a 1TB M.2 SSD, so, your mileage might slightly vary but should still be good, even on older machines. Ant makes downloads fast and effortless and forget just using the browser and windows downloader when this software is on a machine. I have not checked out all the features it has, but, this software is definitely a keeper! Thank you SOS and Antgroup for this fine program giveaway, and keep up the good work with your updates Antgroup.

It is great!Although the software still has many defects, the maker has been working hard to improve the software!My favorite aspect is that it can download youtube audio and can be downloaded with the cover!To support the maker, I have purchased a lifetime paid version.

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