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The Secrets of Mafia 3 Downtown: How to Find All the Collectibles, Rackets, and Easter Eggs

Mafia 3 Downtown: A Guide to the Heart of New Bordeaux

Mafia 3 is an open-world action-adventure game set in 1968 in a fictional version of New Orleans called New Bordeaux. The game follows Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam veteran who seeks revenge against the Italian Mafia for betraying and killing his adopted family, the black mob. Along the way, he allies with other criminal factions and takes over the city's underworld.

One of the most important and interesting districts in New Bordeaux is Downtown, which is the commercial and financial center of the city. Downtown is home to many landmarks, businesses, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues, as well as the Federal Reserve, where Lincoln's story begins. Downtown is also the stronghold of the Marcano crime family, who run various rackets and schemes from their lavish hotel and construction sites.

mafia 3 downtown


In this article, we will explore why Downtown is a district worth visiting in Mafia 3, and how it offers a rich and varied gameplay experience. We will also look at how Downtown reflects the historical and social realities of 1960s America, and how it creates a compelling atmosphere with its music, sound, and visuals.

The Story of Downtown

Downtown is the heart of New Bordeaux, and also the heart of the Marcano crime family's empire. The Marcanos control most of the businesses and politicians in the district, using their influence and money to keep things in their favor. They also run two major rackets in Downtown: construction and extortion.

The construction racket is led by Tony Derazio, one of Sal Marcano's capos. He uses his Cavar Construction company as a front for laundering money and building illegal casinos. He also oversees the construction of a new casino on the riverfront, which is Sal's dream project. The extortion racket is led by Frank Pagani, another capo who runs the Imperial Health Club, a bath house that caters to the city's elite. He uses his connections and blackmail to extort money from politicians, judges, businessmen, and anyone else who can help or hinder the Marcanos.

As Lincoln Clay progresses through his quest for revenge, he targets these rackets and their leaders, disrupting their operations and weakening their hold on Downtown. He can also recruit allies from other factions, such as Cassandra's Haitian gang or Burke's Irish mob, to help him take over the district. Depending on his choices, he can assign different underbosses to run Downtown and earn him money and favors.

As Lincoln takes over Downtown, he also changes its appearance and atmosphere. He can unlock new outfits, weapons, vehicles, and businesses that reflect his style and personality. He can also see how his actions affect the people and environment of Downtown, such as seeing more graffiti, protests, or violence on the streets.

The Gameplay of Downtown

Downtown offers a lot of gameplay opportunities for players who want to explore New Bordeaux. The district is large and diverse, with different areas to visit and activities to do. Players can drive around in classic cars or motorcycles, or take public transportation such as buses or streetcars. They can also use boats to travel along the river or through the bayou.

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Players can also interact with various characters and enemies in Downtown. They can talk to informants, shopkeepers, bartenders, or civilians to get information, buy items, or just have a casual conversation. They can also fight or stealthily kill the police, the Marcanos, or other rival gangs, using a variety of weapons and tactics. They can also use Lincoln's special abilities, such as calling for backup, using explosives, or interrogating enemies.

Players can also find and complete various missions, collectibles, and activities in Downtown. They can follow the main story missions that involve taking down the Marcanos and their rackets, or they can do side missions that involve helping their allies or doing favors for them. They can also collect magazines, albums, paintings, or other items that reveal more about the history and culture of New Bordeaux. They can also participate in activities such as racing, gambling, robbing, or hacking.

The Atmosphere of Downtown

Downtown is not only a gameplay district, but also a narrative and aesthetic one. It captures the essence of New Orleans in the 1960s, with its vibrant and diverse culture, music, and people. It also reflects the social and political issues of the era, such as racism, corruption, poverty, and violence.

Downtown showcases the diversity and culture of New Orleans in its architecture, landmarks, businesses, and characters. Players can see the influence of French, Spanish, African, Caribbean, and American cultures in the buildings, monuments, signs, and decorations. They can also visit places such as the French Ward, the Garden District, the Bayou Fantom, or the Frisco Fields, each with its own distinct style and atmosphere. They can also meet characters from different backgrounds and ethnicities, such as Cajuns, Creoles, Haitians, Irish, Italians, or Vietnamese.

Downtown also uses music, sound, and visuals to create an immersive and realistic experience. Players can hear authentic songs from the 1960s on the radio or in the jukeboxes, featuring genres such as rock, soul, blues, jazz, or country. They can also hear ambient sounds such as traffic noises, crowd noises, animal noises, or weather noises. They can also see realistic graphics and lighting effects that create a sense of time and place, such as day and night cycles, rain and fog effects, or shadows and reflections.


Mafia 3 Downtown is a district that offers a lot of fun and excitement for players who want to explore New Bordeaux. It has a rich and varied gameplay experience, with different ways to travel, fight, and complete missions. It also has a compelling and immersive atmosphere, with a realistic and diverse representation of New Orleans in the 1960s. Mafia 3 Downtown is a district that deserves your attention and appreciation.

If you are interested in playing Mafia 3 and experiencing Downtown for yourself, you can buy the game on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Stadia. You can also check out the official website, the wiki, or the subreddit for more information and tips. Happy gaming!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Mafia 3 Downtown:

How long does it take to complete Mafia 3 Downtown?

It depends on how you play the game and how much you explore the district. If you only focus on the main story missions, it can take you around 10 hours to finish Downtown. If you also do the side missions, collectibles, and activities, it can take you around 20 hours or more.

What are the best weapons and vehicles to use in Mafia 3 Downtown?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different weapons and vehicles suit different playstyles and situations. However, some of the most popular and effective ones are: - Weapons: M16 rifle, M1911 pistol, M79 grenade launcher, silenced pistol, shotgun - Vehicles: Samson Drifter, Berkley Stallion, De'Leo Traviata, Griffin Marauder, Lassiter Nightcrawler

How can I unlock more outfits, weapons, vehicles, and businesses in Mafia 3 Downtown?

You can unlock more items and features by progressing through the game and completing certain missions or tasks. For example: - Outfits: You can unlock new ou

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