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Cave Digger: Riches DLC [hack] !FULL!

Cave Digger: Riches DLC [hack] - How to Mine More Gems and Gold in VR

If you are looking for a fun and immersive VR game that lets you explore, mine and craft in a stunning world, you might want to check out Cave Digger: Riches DLC. This game is a major update for Cave Digger, a VR mining adventure that was released in 2018. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Cave Digger: Riches DLC [hack], including how to find and use the rare ghost pickaxe, how to get the most out of the new features and content, and how to avoid some common pitfalls.

Cave Digger: Riches DLC [hack]

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What is Cave Digger: Riches DLC?

Cave Digger: Riches DLC is a VR game that combines mining, exploration and crafting in a procedurally generated world. You play as a brave adventurer who travels to a remote town in the Wild West, where you can mine for valuable gems and gold in various caves. You can use your earnings to upgrade your equipment, buy new tools and gadgets, and unlock new areas and secrets. You can also craft your own items and weapons using the materials you find.

The game features eight different endings, depending on your choices and actions. You can also interact with various characters and factions in the town, who will offer you quests, rewards and challenges. The game has a lot of humor and surprises, as well as some hidden easter eggs and references.

What are the new features and content in Cave Digger: Riches DLC?

Cave Digger: Riches DLC is a major update that adds a lot of new features and content to the original game. Some of the highlights are:

  • A new train system that allows you to travel between different locations faster and easier.

  • A new saloon where you can play poker, drink whiskey, listen to music and chat with other characters.

  • A new bank where you can store your money and valuables safely.

  • A new museum where you can display your rare finds and achievements.

  • A new black market where you can buy and sell illegal items and weapons.

  • A new underground laboratory where you can experiment with different chemicals and substances.

  • A new minecart system that lets you ride through the caves in style.

  • A new dynamite system that lets you blast your way through obstacles and enemies.

  • A new crafting system that lets you create your own items and weapons using the materials you find.

  • A new upgrade system that lets you improve your equipment and tools with various enhancements.

  • A new faction system that lets you ally with or oppose different groups in the town.

  • A new reputation system that tracks your actions and affects how others treat you.

  • A new quest system that gives you more objectives and rewards.

  • A new secret ending that reveals the true nature of the town and its inhabitants.

How to find and use the rare ghost pickaxe?

One of the most coveted items in Cave Digger: Riches DLC is the rare ghost pickaxe. This is a special tool that can mine any material with ease, as well as reveal hidden secrets and treasures. However, finding it is not easy, as it is hidden in a secret location that requires some clues and puzzles to access.

To find the rare ghost pickaxe, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the train station and buy a ticket to the haunted mansion.

  • Once you arrive at the mansion, enter it and look for a painting of a woman holding a pickaxe on the second floor.

  • Interact with the painting to reveal a hidden switch behind it. Flip the switch to open a secret passage behind the fireplace.

  • Enter the secret passage and follow it until you reach a locked door with a keypad.

  • Enter the code 3141 on the keypad to unlock the door. The code is based on the number of candles on each floor of the mansion (3 on the first floor, 1 on the second floor, 4 on the third floor, 1 on the fourth floor).

  • Behind the door, you will find a dark room with a coffin in the center. Open the coffin to find the rare ghost pickaxe inside.

To use the rare ghost pickaxe, you need to equip it in your inventory and then use it like any other tool. The pickaxe will glow blue when it detects something valuable or interesting nearby. You can also use it to break walls, doors and other objects that are normally indestructible. However, be careful not to use it too much, as it will drain your energy quickly.

How to get the most out of Cave Digger: Riches DLC [hack]?

If you want to enjoy Cave Digger: Riches DLC [hack] to its fullest potential, here are some tips and tricks that will help you:

  • Explore every location thoroughly. There are many hidden secrets, easter eggs and references that will reward your curiosity.

  • Try different combinations of tools and gadgets. You might discover some unexpected effects or synergies that will make your mining easier or more fun.

  • Craft your own items and weapons. You can create some powerful or unique items that will give you an edge over your enemies or competitors.

  • Upgrade your equipment and tools regularly. You can improve their performance, durability or functionality with various enhancements.

  • Interact with other characters and factions. You can learn more about them, their stories and their motives. You can also gain their trust or enmity depending on your actions.

  • Complete quests and challenges. You can earn more money, reputation or rewards by fulfilling various objectives or tasks given by other characters or factions.

  • Choose your own path. You can decide how to play the game according to your preferences or goals. You can be a greedy miner who only cares about money, a noble adventurer who seeks fame and glory, or anything in between.

How to avoid some common pitfalls?

Cave Digger: Riches DLC [hack] is not without its challenges or dangers. Here are some common pitfalls that you should avoid:

  • Don't spend all your money on unnecessary items or upgrades. You might run out of cash when you need it most or miss out on some better deals or opportunities later on.

  • Don't ignore your energy level. If you use too much energy while mining or crafting, you will become exhausted and unable to continue until you rest or recharge.

  • Don't get caught by the law or enemies. If you break any rules or laws in the town or provoke any enemies or factions, you might face consequences such as fines, imprisonment or attacks.

  • Don't lose track of time or location. If you spend too much time in one place or forget where you are going, you might miss some important events or opportunities or get lost in the caves.


Cave Digger: Riches DLC [hack] is a VR game that offers a lot of fun and immersion for fans of mining, exploration and crafting games. It has many new features and content that enhance the original game experience. It also has some secrets and surprises that will keep you entertained for hours. If you want to try this game for yourself, you can download it from Steam here: 6c859133af

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