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Milo Manara Gulliveriana Cbr

in the last few years, manara has continued to create new works that have brought him ever greater success, as well as new rewards, not least of which is the opportunity to help the cartoonist juan cabré, whose book buenas noches, ângel was published in 2005, and who has now turned to erotic comics, a genre in which manara has been one of the most influential creators.

Milo Manara Gulliveriana Cbr

manara became obsessed with the paintings of jean-paul goude and in the mid-seventies, tired of his architecture studies, he turned to comics. he worked for a few years as an illustrator for ero magazine, but his real debut was with the erotic comic dalí in 1977. from there he moved on to gulliveriana, which is where he would stay for the rest of his career. in the eighties, manara illustrated a number of erotic-themed strips for the italian magazine humano before switching to the world of erotic comics with gulliveriana in 1985.

the inspiration for gulliveriana came from manara's love of science-fiction films, the dali paintings, and the comics code of the early american comic industry. this led him to portray characters who live outside of society or beyond the law, to explore the effects of the abuse of powerful drugs, or to make them into villains for their crimes.

the themes of gulliveriana are not limited to the act of sex. manara can depict the effects of trauma, mental illness, or even journeys through time. at times he ventures into the realms of fantasy, science fiction, or surrealism. his characters often have a dark past which can be rediscovered in their present.

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