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Broken Boundaries By Andi Rhodes [2021]

Fabricated LiesOn July 27th, 2020, Pred and Angel were out on patrol together when they stopped at a nearby bank to deposit their money, at the bank they ran into a woman named Inanna Veil, Pred asked Inanna if she was interested in gambling with him, but she declined and instead asked Pred if he had managed to collect the debt that Matthew Payne owed Pred from gambling yet. Pred stated that Payne still refused to pay his debt, and asked Inanna if she happened to be there when he gambled with Payne so he could use her at a witness for when he would sue Payne to collect the debt, Inanna replied that she didn't actually see them gambling but that she did hear Pred and Payne arguing about how Payne was refusing to pay his debt. Pred still figured Inanna would be a valuable witness to him, and asked her for her phone number, meanwhile Angel hadn't been paying attention to the conversation between Pred and Inanna until she suddenly heard Pred asking Inanna for her phone number, Angel completely misunderstood the situation and thought Pred was hitting on another woman right in front of her. Pred then flirtily complimented Inanna to try and get Inanna on his side for the court case, which upset Angel even more, Angel immediately got into their police car and drove off, leaving Pred behind. Pred immediately asked Angel over the PD radio why she left him behind, to which Angel responded in an aggressive tone "Have fun with Inanna, you cheating bitch! Fuck you, Pred!", Pred hastily replied "I'm not cheating!".[209] Pred decided to call Angel over the phone to clear up the misunderstanding, he explained to Angel that Payne was threatening to sue Pred over slander and that Pred was going to need Inanna as a witness for that court case in order for him to collect the debt that Payne owed him, Angel stated that it was too convenient for her to believe Pred and that he was making up a fake story to cover up that he was hitting on Inanna. Pred pointed out that Inanna herself brought up the debt that Payne owed him, but Angel argued that Inanna could be in on his lies, to which Pred explained how ridiculous Angel's theory was for Pred to hatch a plan where he would run into Inanna, a woman he had never met before, just so he could hit on her in front of Angel. To make things even worse, Payne drove off next to Angel in the middle of her conversation with Pred and asked her if she and Pred were still together, when she said that they were in fact still together, Payne replied that they must be in an open relationship then, which Angel immediately refuted and stated that she loved Pred very much, Pred was unable to hear over the phone what Payne was saying to Angel, but he responded that he also loved Angel a lot and that they have a very strong relationship. when Angel asked Payne what he was implying, Pred told Angel that Payne was probably trying to ruin their marriage, Payne then told Angel a made up story about how he saw Pred outside of the Integrity Apartments rubbing up all over two beautiful women and getting them to give him their phone number, which made Payne think that Pred and Angel had broken up. Angel started to get upset by the story Payne told her, but Pred was on the other side of the phone informing Angel that whatever lie Payne was telling her, he never did anything that Payne claimed Pred had done. Payne informed Angel that one of the women was Mona Sanchez, Pred told Angel that Mona was just a friend of his, but Angel hung up the phone call with Pred, Payne then continued that Pred made Mona get down on the ground and made her scream out his name in a sensual manner, as Angel and Payne went their separate ways, Angel fully believed the made up story that Payne had told her, as she upsettingly stated "Oh my god, I can't believe this is happening to me... Mr Payne, why? ...Oh my god!".[210]

Broken Boundaries by Andi Rhodes

After Pred and Bree made their way to the bathroom, Bree revealed to Pred that she was called to testify against him but followed up in a heartbroken voice that she really didn't want to testify against him. Pred wasn't too bothered with it as he replied in a seductive tone "I'm going to be testifying against you later", Bree quickly turned flirty herself, asking Pred "You gonna testify that ass, huh?" Pred responded that he would be "testifying that ass, all night long" which caused Bree to exclaim "Oh my god!" in a suggestive way.[503] Bree then quickly realized that their entire conversation could be overheard by a number of people standing in the courthouse lobby, Pred and Bree swiftly darted out of the bathroom back to the courtroom. While Pred and Bree only ended up talking in the bathroom, Angel had made the reasonable assumption that the pair went to the bathroom to have sex. During the trial Angel hardly spoke as she was dumbfounded and filled with anger from Pred blatantly cheating on her, she snuck the occasional glare towards Pred and Bree, and often caught them being on the phone at the same time as they had decided that they were unable to openly flirt and talk with eachother while Angel was present, so in an attempt to keep their affair a secret they decided to flirt over text instead. 041b061a72

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