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Knots 3D

Welcome to Knots 3D! Feel free to explore our knot catalog and learn how to tie over 150 knots! The unique ability to rotate a knot to see the front, back and everything in-between sets Knots 3D apart from other knot websites and provides interactivity you can't get from a knot book.

Knots 3D

Overall, I was very impressed with this app. There is a huge variety of knots here, and they are well-organized. The animated 3D diagrams make it really easy to see how a knot comes together, even if there are multiple strands involved

As a history nerd, I particularly enjoyed the descriptions that come along with each knot. Having some background about how the knots were used and devised in centuries past is actually very helpful when you are trying to figure out what knot it best for a certain situation ...

Those of you who live an active lifestyle should take time to learn how to tie different kinds of knots. That knowledge will come handy when you are sailing, climbing, or spending some time in the outdoors. You could always watch videos or read books to learn how to tie various knots. These 5 knot apps for iPhone & iPad can help you learn more knots faster ...

Advise players to take a moment to delve into the knots before making their move. Besides, players should also pay attention to the colors of the ropes to find the critical point and quickly implement it. If one step is smooth, it will make the ropes more tangled.

It is deniable that the level of play is increased continuously, entering the game, you will feel it is pretty simple. But those are just the manageable levels for players to get used to. Going through the first ten levels, the dangerous challenge is being gradually increased right now. The strings appear more and more complex, requiring players to use their flexible brains. However, being a good player, nothing is impossible. Players should focus on observing the main knots of the rope and breaking them quickly. After completing the required levels, players can collect more rewards, and new stories are also opened.

The following describes a few parametric functions in 3 dimensions whichgive the appearance of knots in a piece of string.Knot 1Knot 2This is a special case of the more general torusknot described in knot 3.Knot 3This is an example of a torus knot which exists on thesurface a torus. It is characterised by the number oftime it wraps around the meridian and longitudinalaxis of a torus.

Get the FREE Knots 3D App (iOS or Android) Reg. $4.99! Used by military, arborists, fishermen, firefighters, climbers and boy and girl scouts the world over, Knots 3D will quickly teach you how to tie even the most difficult knot. With more than 130 knots, Knots 3D will be your go-to reference! Grab some rope and have fun!

Knots 3D is an app recommended by Google Play Editors, as the best scouting app of 2016 voted by Scout magazine. This is the largest collection of knots available on mobile today. Users do not need an Internet connection because this application can be used offline without restrictions.

Knots 3D currently has 177 different types of knots to cater for all industries and requirements. This number does not stop there but will also be increased in the future. Every time a new knot is added, the application will send a notification so you can see it right away if you want to know.

When displayed on the details page, you will know all the information about the knot you are viewing, including available majors, uses, size size after the knot is completed, difficulty level, animations and still images showing how to tie. Also shows knots that are related, similar, or in the same specialty. With this detailed information, users can know if the specific knot they are looking for is really suitable for their needs.

Optical vortices can evolve in light fields, of which the singularity evolution forms dark lines with complex topological structures, knotted or linked. We propose a method to more accurately and rapidly measure the topology of optical vortex fields. To accurately locate the phase singular points, phase measurement based on digital holography and, further, a numerical search algorithm, are utilized. A motor-driven right-angle prism enables the implementation of a single exposure of hologram for each measurement along the propagation direction, greatly improving the measurement speed. The three-dimensional (3D) spatial distributions of several typical vortex links and knots are experimentally reconstructed. The proposed method is expected to rapidly observe the 3D evolution of other complicated, or even vector, fields. 041b061a72

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