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Review: Shield Mate by Eressë

Shield Mate is the seventh book in the Chronicles of Ylandre, set in Aisen, a fantasy world created by Eresse. The author has invented landscapes, languages, histories and beings and somehow she manages to entertain, make you think, and visualize the world she describes.


The Chronicles of Ylandre follow the lives and loves of different pairs of hermaphrodites, who are called dual-gendered in the series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but it is recommended to read them in order to fully appreciate the complex world-building and the recurring characters.

Shield Mate tells the story of Ranael Mesare and Vaeren Henaz, two warriors who belong to different social classes and face many obstacles to their relationship. Ranael is a scion of Ylandre's most powerful House, a wealthy fief-lord and a military officer. He is expected to bed or wed as befitted his station, but he only has eyes for Vaeren, a low-born soldier who rose from the ranks of the army through hard work and determination.

Vaeren is not interested in Ranael's advances, though. He has had to struggle his entire life and isn't going to allow anyone to stop him from reaching his goals. He also has a dark past that haunts him and makes him wary of trusting anyone. But Ranael is persistent and patient, and slowly breaks down Vaeren's defenses. However, their love is not accepted by everyone, and they have to deal with social censure, personal vendettas and political intrigues.

Shield Mate is a captivating and emotional read that explores themes such as class differences, prejudice, loyalty, honor and love. The characters are well-developed and realistic, with flaws and strengths that make them relatable. The romance is sweet and passionate, with plenty of steamy scenes that showcase the unique physiology of the dual-gendered. The plot is engaging and suspenseful, with twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you are looking for a fantasy romance that will transport you to another world and make you feel all kinds of emotions, Shield Mate is the book for you. You can find it on [OverDrive], [Goodreads] or [bü].

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